Knights Issues 1-4 Signed Collector's Bundle

Knights of the 5th Dimension Issues 1-4 signed by Walt Flanagan. Buy 3 issues, get issue 4 for free in this exclusive collector's bundle.

The stories of the Knights are REAL…and your dreams are sorely needed!

William “The Wizard” Gardener is a reclusive comic book creator and artist who has been the sole voice of the legendary PSYCHEDELIC KNIGHTS OF THE 5TH DIMENSION for decades. From comic books to toys and action figures, from cartoons to film, William is the latest of a long line of artists, poets, writers & musicians tapped to inspire creativity in man in order to combat Vanta Black’s spread of self-doubt, despair and hopelessness in our world.

But William grows old and tired, and his once-revered comic book series is now relegated to flea markets and bargain bins across the world. Years ago, William enlisted the help of up-and-coming writer/artist Kurt “The Great One” Gideon to carry on the Knights legacy, but after a short and successful run, a disillusioned Kurt turned to fame and drugs, becoming an industry pariah.

After years of silence, William needs Kurt’s help again…but it’s not with inking or coloring. Will Kurt continue William’s legacy and join the long line of dreamers and artists who have kept Vanta Black from seeping into our dimension for generations?

And in the comic-within-the-comic, join Kree-Gah, J0N 3:16, Professor Amorphous, The Damned Yankee, and the Spiral Architect as they battle The Primordial Evil, all while Vanta Black grows more powerful.

Just past the edges of our understanding, Kurt realizes that his once-colorful stories have real-world consequences and he is needed to journey beyond our dimension, to the parallel universe he once believed to be fantasy, and join the resistance in the ancient struggle between good and evil. Only then can he save both worlds.

KNIGHTS OF THE 5th DIMENSION is a love letter to Bronze Age comic books and an homage to the Jack Kirby creations that still adorn comic book shelves, movie screens, and TV sets everywhere. From the minds of artist Walter Flanagan (BATMAN: THE WIDENING GYRE, AMC’s COMIC BOOK MEN, TELL ‘EM STEVE-DAVE), Writer Casey Van Heel (PALOOKA, THE CIVIL FOUR), and Colorist Wayne Jansen (METRO, CRYPTOZOIC MAN,) and published by Blue Juice Comics (THE ACCELERATORS, ANNE BONNIE, ÆTHER & EMPIRE).

This battle will require more than dreamers…our world needs Knights.

$ 30.00